Auto Repair, Body Shops, Dealerships, and Automobile Parts 

With thousands of mechanics and other automotive technicians in Rhode Island, the automobile industry is a vital part of our state's economy. While automotive repair, body and paint work, and parts sales and distribution help keep us all on the road, performing these jobs can put workers at risk for injury. Strains and sprains from lifting, eye injuries from flying and falling materials, exposure to hazardous chemicals, lacerations from sharps and slips and falls are some of the more commonly reported cases. 

At Beacon, we insure hundreds of automotive shops across the state of Rhode Island and have a good understanding what it takes to keep them safe. We focus on preventing back injuries, burns, lacerations and other accidents while helping injured mechanics and technicians get the care they need.

For nearly 30 years, Beacon has been proud to provide workers' compensation insurance to the majority of automotive technicians in Rhode Island.  We understand the industry and the challenges your company faces, and we're here to support you and your employees. 

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Safety Training 

Beacon offers seminars and webinars for mechanics and technicians to keep your employees running smoothly. In addition, Beacon offers OSHA 10 General Industry Courses several times a year in-person as well as online OSHA 10-hour webinars  to enable you to earn your 10-hour certification. 

Developing a Safety Program

Developing a safety program is an important step to prevent injuries in the automotive industry. Strains and sprains are the most common injuries auto technicians face on the job. Preforming repetitive motions while working under the hood or under the vehicle and lifting and lowering heavy parts and tools often contribute to these types of injuries.

Teaching your workers to lift and stretch properly can prepare them for physical work, increase their comfort and efficiency, and reduce the risk of injury. Since 1995, Beacon has been training workers on the skills necessary to implement a basic Stretch for Safety program into their daily routine.


Rhode Island Automobile Dealers Association

Beacon Mutual is proud to sponsor the Rhode Island Automobile Dealers Association. We recognize the important work they do to support the industry here in Rhode Island.  


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