Business and Administration Professionals

Office workers carry out a broad range of tasks that involve dealing with business, administration, sales and marketing issues. Most of us don’t think of office work as unsafe, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports tens of thousands of injuries or work-related health problems occur each year.

Slips, trips and falls account for the greatest number of office work-related injuries, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Rounding out the top five are Ergonomics, Lifting, Fire Safety & Electrical Hazards, and Workplace Violence.

For nearly 30 years, Beacon has been proud to provide workers' compensation insurance to the majority of professionals in Rhode Island.  We understand the business environment whether your employees are working in the office, or working from home, and we're here to support you and your employees. 

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Safety Training 

Beacon offers safety services and training to all our policyholders and their employees at no additional cost. We want it to be easy for your employees to participate in training opportunities that meet the needs of your business. Our training program includes on-site training, one-hour seminars and webinars, and online university courses. 

One-hour seminars and webinars led by Beacon's ergonomic and safety representatives address potential safety and ergonomic risks in the office. Some of the topics offered throughout the year include Ergonomics for Office Workers, Ergonomics & Safety for Remote Workers, How to Develop a Company Safety Program, and Violence in the Workplace. 

Beacon's Online University features more than 100 core health & safety courses. The online campus allows all employees to learn the latest information on workplace safety by offering courses for all types of workplace exposures including office work. 


Developing a Safety Program

Every company regardless of size should have a written safety policies and employee training for employees on procedures to prevent common injuries like slips and falls, repetitive motion (ergonomics) and workplace violence. 

Awareness is the first step to eliminating or reducing the odds of an injury occurring. Management must find ways to encourage employees to equally participate in the safety process. When employees are full engaged in the safety process companies see the highest levels of success. Employee participation can include sitting on safety committees, conducting safety assessments, following established safety rules, reporting unsafe conditions and attending training sessions. 

Most things in an office environment change constantly, and it is important to periodically review you workstation risks to make sure that your seating, computer workstation, and keyboard and mouse are set up correctly to allow you to work comfortably and efficiently.  Download the Ergo Office Checklist with helpful tips and solutions. 



Beacon Supports Our Local Chambers of Commerce

Beacon Mutual is proud to sponsor the Central RI Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, the Newport Chamber of Commerce, and the Northern RI Chamber of Commerce. We value the longtime relationships we have cultivated with these professional organizations and the important work they do to support the economy here in Rhode Island.  


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