Medical Providers, Nurses, Healthcare and Home Care Workers

Beacon's safety and ergonomic experts provide state of the art training for caregiver's self protection as well as patient movement and body mechanics. Our dedicated staff have significant years of experience training caregivers. Each member understands current safety and health issues and their potential impact on Rhode Island's caregivers. 

For nearly 30 years, Beacon has been proud to provide workers' compensation insurance to the majority of medical professionals in Rhode Island.  We understand the medical workplace environment and we're here to care for you and your caregiver employees. 

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Safety Training 

Beacon offers safety services and training to all our policyholders and their employees at no additional cost. We want it to be easy for your employees to participate in training opportunities that meet the needs of your business. Our training program includes on-site training, one-hour seminars and webinars, and online university courses. 

One-hour seminars and webinars led by Beacon's experts will address potential safety and ergonomic risks for your healthcare facility. Some of the topics offered throughout the year include Bloodborne Pathogens, Safe Patient Handling and Movement, and Violence in the Workplace. 

Beacon's Online University features more than 100 core health & safety courses. Policyholder employees are welcome to take these courses at any time, 24/7. In the Healthcare Campus, we offer classes that are specific to caregivers including Safe Patient Handling and Preventing Strains and Sprains. 


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Beacon's Caregiver Safety Series

The Caregiver Series is designed to help caregivers practice safe behaviors while taking care of patients. All of these are available in a downloadable PDF that can be easily shared with employees at your facility.


Developing a Safety Program

Having a safety program at your healthcare facility can dramatically reduce risks. Beacon can help you design and implement a safety program that addresses your specific needs. It is  our goal to help you establish a safety program and realistic safety processes that will prevent injuries and accidents, and minimize claim costs. 

We're ready to help you with any caregiver topics and onsite training. Beacon offers these safety services including safety program development, safety committee development, OSHA compliance awareness & training, and ergonomic assessments



More Caregiver Resources

The Caregivers Industry covers medical hospital staff, nurses, doctors, nursing home caregivers, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and home health care workers. Here are some additional organizations that provide caregiver resources: 



How Rhode Island Medical Imaging Keeps Employees Safe

Rhode Island Medical Imaging (RIMI) is currently in their 30th consecutive year as a Beacon Mutual policyholder, and like Rhode Island drivers with low license plate numbers, RIMI has a low policy number. While many might view a “medical office” as having few hazards, the imaging process presents many safety risks such as exposure to radiation and bloodborne pathogens, and the environment may have slip/fall and ergonomic hazards.  

Susan Logan, Chief Human Resources Officer and Janet Hatch, Director of Operations have been the company’s liaisons working with the Beacon Mutual claim and loss prevention representatives. Open lines of communication have facilitated a true trust and working relationship.

“RIMI holds quarterly safety meetings that include leaders from every site,” said Hatch. “We always want to be proactive. ‘If you see something, say something’ is our unofficial motto and that gets everyone involved.”

Read more about Rhode Island Medical Imaging.



"I never had a problem over our many years with Beacon. I see workers comp as a subscriber and provider and I think your approach is the best in the business."