Caregiver Safety Training

According to OSHA, facilities that implement injury prevention programs have achieved considerable success in reducing work-related injuries and associated workers’ compensation costs. Beacon Mutual has developed an innovative on-site employee training program to specifically address body mechanics and patient aggression concerns.

Download Caregiver Training Overview

The Caregiver Safety Training program addresses the following topics:

  • Body Mechanics
    • Posture Basics for Sitting and Standing
    • Stretch for Safety
    • General Lifting Techniques
    • Patient Mobility Guidelines
  • Self-Protection
    • Tips for tone, pace, eye contact and spacing
    • Tips for clothing, jewelry and hair
    • Tips for redirecting behaviors
    • Recognizing patient triggers
    • Release techniques for frequent grabs/holds

For more information about the Caregiver Safety Program and available resources for healthcare professionals, contact or visit the Safety Library.