10 Things You Need to Know about Workers' Compensation in RI

  1. Workers' comp is required in RI even if you have just a single employee.
  2. It protects your employees and it protects your business.
  3. There is a lot at stake. (Millions).
  4. Different employers have different insurance risks and resulting premiums.
  5. There are ways to minimize your insurance costs.
  6. Getting your employees back to work is ALWAYS the common goal.
  7. A safer workspace proves to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and financial results.
  8.  Better ergonomic safety will have significant bottom line impact to your business.
  9. The market is always changing, confirm with your agent that you're not overpaying for your insurance.
  10. Lawsuits are a risk. It's good to have an experienced ally to defend your business. 

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